What is Web Hosting and Who is it for?

Web Hosting: Web and email service that powers your business.

Web hosting is a service offered by a hosting provider, which is also known as a web hosting provider or a cloud provider.

Web hosting is an online service that is set up to maintain and host your websites and business email accounts so that they are accessible online. A hosting provider will manage the nuts and bolts necessary to handle visitors browsing your website as well as handling sending and receiving email transactions.

Any business that wish to have an online presence usually start with having a website and a professional email address that ends with their business internet domain name. This is where a web hosting service comes in.

Owning a Website

Owning a business website such as an info site or functional e-commerce website that allows customers to find your business online through web search engines, learn about what your business is offering, or purchase products through it. A business with a well-presented website and web URL advertised in your business card or email signature creates a good impression for your customers and potential customers.

Business Email

Having a business email address with the extension alias (@) ending with your domain name has become a standard practice for majority of businesses. It helps you to advertise or promote your business domain name every time you sent or received an email, rather than using a free email address where you are helping others to advertise their brand name in your email address. This will increase confidence for customers, potential customers and vendors when communicating with you through your own business email address.

Summary / Conclusion

To own a domain name and to host your website together with business email address is no longer a luxury. It has become dramatically affordable with the introduction of shared web hosting service. To register an internet domain name usually cost less than RM100 per year, depending on the domain extension of your choice where as a typical business web hosting package which is suitable for majority of SME businesses cost around RM200 per year. You probably can get your return of investment by having a potential customers visiting your website or sending you an email to confirm their order with you!
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Ho Shan Yeow
IT manager with 20 plus years experience. Specialized in Windows Servers, Linux, cyber-security, web server, mail administrator, C# and server technologies.
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