Malaysia Domain Name (.MY)

.MY Domain Name: An internet domain name with unique Malaysia identity.

Malaysia Domain Name

.my domain extension is a ccTLD domain, that quickly recognized as Malaysia identity domain name.
All MY domain extensions are managed by Mynic, a government agency under Ministry of Communications and Multimedia Malaysia (KKMM).
Yeahhost has been one of Mynic’s accredited resellers for many years.
Below are the list of available extensions for .my domains.

• .my – For all Malaysian and resident foreign individuals and entities.
• – For commercial organizations/activities.
• – For commercial organisations/activities and MSMEs.
• – For network-related organizations/activities.
• – For organizations/activities which do not qualify for other categories.
• – For all Malaysian citizens and non-Malaysians residing in Malaysia.
• – For Malaysian educational organizations only.
• – For Malaysian government organizations only.
• – For Malaysian military organizations only.

Why Choose MY Domain?

1. Internet identity that helps to easily recognize the origin country, that is Malaysia
2. MY domains are unique and can only be registered by organizations or individuals residing in Malaysia
3. Wide selection of domain name availability compared to TLD domains such as .com, .net and others
4. Domain fee is affordable for all extensions
5. Can be accessed worldwide

Domain Registration Requirement

The minimum requirement for Malaysia domain name is 4 characters.
Supporting documents and local presence are required to register MY domains.
Different registration category and supporting document is required for each extension.
Only organizations that Malaysia’s ROC, ROB have approved, and ROS can get domain names like “,” “,” “,” “,” and “my” on them can get them.

For .my domain, it can be registered by:
1. Any organization certified by Malaysian ROC, ROB and ROS
2. Malaysian citizens and non-Malaysians residing in Malaysia

Other special extension such as, and are reserved for specific purpose and can be registered by organizations in the related field only.

For detailed supporting documents and sample, please refer to Mynic’s website via URL below.

Summary / Conclusion

Malaysia domain name brings greater benefit to organizations and entrepreneurs as it represents the internet identity of our country, Malaysia.
Most importantly, it is affordable and accessible on the internet, similar to Top-Level Domains such as .com.
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