How to Prevent from Receiving Spams?

Spam Emails : Businesses are losing millions each year in productivity lost because of spam emails.

Spam email is unwanted junk email sent out in bulk to random recipient list. It is a form of commercial advertising, but can be dangerous as some of them may contain phishing links and virus attachments.
You will receive spam mails if your email is listed in the spammers database, which originates from various source, such as websites, newsletters subscribers, address books of a virus-infected computer and more.

First, try to figure out if the email you get is a spam or a newsletter.
Newsletters are mails sent out to users who wish to receive regular updates via email by opting in to the subscription form on the provider’s website in order to be added into their mailing list.
On the other hand, spam mail may contain phishing links or virus attachments, or sometimes the content itself may sound too good to be true.

Too many spam email in inbox will definitely interrupt your daily work.
There is no way to stop spam, but here are some of the ways you can reduce spam from filling up your email inbox.

  • Do not use your work email address when you sign up for services online.
  • Do not advertise your email address on your website, social media, or in any other public place.
  • Install anti-spam filtering on your email application. Most of the time, anti-spam filtering is bundled with anti-virus application installed on your computer.

Summary / Conclusion

By default, email service providers have spam filtering configured on their mail servers. The spam filter can only be set to moderate, though. This is to avoid the mail servers from rejecting legititmate emails away. You can either configure your email in email application to send spam email to junk folder or you can buy anti-spam software from a third-party company to do the job for you.

Yeahhost mail service is equipped with anti-spam filtering. You can also buy commercial spam filter to stop spam and phishing emails from getting through.

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