LiteSpeed: Most Powerful Web Server

LiteSpeed Web Server: An Apache-interchangeable, high performance and secure web server.

Being present online, a fast website is important to keep visitors engagement on the site.
In order for websites to be accessible on Internet, web servers are required.

A web server is a software that allows the web contents to be served on user’s devices via HTTP request.
Website content is accessed through domain name or URL, when a request is received, web server grabs the files on the server and delivers them to the user.

Illustration on How Web Server Works

There are many web servers available, some can be open-source software such as Nginx & Apache, while others are propriety software, for example LiteSpeed Web Server.

What is LiteSpeed Web Server?

LiteSpeed Web Server (LSWS) is a lightweight web server developed by LiteSpeed Technologies; it is first released in 2003 and has been one of the popular web servers.
It is designed as high-performance web server with lower server resource consumption and enhanced security features.
LSWS is compatible with many popular control panels, including Plesk, DirectAdmin and cPanel.
Although LSWS is recommended for WordPress hosting, it can be used to host any website script in general.

Why Choose LiteSpeed Hosting?

LiteSpeed hosting is getting more popular among web developers and designers, mainly due to its noticeable difference when compared to traditional web servers such as Apache.
Major improvement can be experienced on the following aspects.

1. Performance
LSWS is designed based on event-driven architecture, which means it handles high traffic more easily and efficiently using less server resource and fewer processes compared to traditional web server such as Apache.
Since LiteSpeed supports HTTP/2 and HTTP/3, web contents are served faster, which resulted in significant website performance improvement.
Refer to this article for better understanding of LiteSpeed technology.

Result of PHP Script Benchmark

2. Security
As drop-in replacement of Apache web server, LSWS adopts all the security features available in Apache, such as Web Application Firewall (WAF) and mod_security.
Besides, it also introduces extra security measures such as built-in anti-DDOS protection and bandwidth throttling, these features helps to stop attacks on the server.
It also comes with built-in brute-force protection that is capable to block attempts to gain WordPress admin access.

3. Stability & Reliability
With capability to serve thousands of clients simultaneously at lower resource usage, LSWS can effortlessly handle sudden spikes in web traffic without impacting website performance.
It is also capable to recover from service failure instantly, making it the most reliable web server with high availability.

Summary / Conclusion

Taking advantage of LiteSpeed’s benefits, Yeahhost Malaysia has now introduced LiteSpeed Web Server on selected hosting plans; Cloud Web Hosting and Business Web Hosting. For resellers, they may enjoy LiteSpeed on our Reseller Hosting plan.
Integrating LSWS on our hosting improves page load time and reduce Time to First Byte, which results in faster website speed.
We also offers LiteSpeed Web Server as an addon service for our Cloud SSD VPS – Linux plans!

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