Introduction to CyberPanel

Control Panel: Web-based interface that allows users to manage their hosting service easily

What is CyberPanel? What does it even do? How does it benefit me as a consumer? Before we start answering all the questions posed, we shall start from the fundamentals of web hosting to gain a better understanding how this open-source control panel would improve the performance of your hosting.

What does a control panel do?

Most of the webservers today runs on Linux or Unix Operating Systems, in fact this consists of 80.2% of the website whose operating system is known. However, some setup is required to host your website, for instance you will need to install a web server such as Apache or Nginx, as well as an email server such as Exim. This can be a scary experience for new users and a tedious setup for developers who just want to design their websites out of the box.

Useful tool for wizards, scary monster for normal layperson

A control panel streamlines all the function into an easy-to-use graphical interface. Everything is pre-installed with a control panel. For example, you do not have to wrangle with Linux packages and keep poring over lines of error codes to upload your website to a server. A control panel contains graphical interface that allows you to know easily where to upload your files.

Embrace the community, they are your friends!

Similarly, you do not need to read stacks of documents or MAN files to figure out how to setup email server to send emails to others. Usually, control panel has pre-installed the email service, this allows you to focus on more important things in life, such as who to send the important email to or which cool username you will like to use for your email.

All in all, a control panel aggregates different server software and packages them in an easy-to-use graphical interface.

What is CyberPanel?

CyberPanel is an open-source control panel which most importantly means that it is FREE! Generally, as a cPanel Certified Partner, we recommend the use of cPanel for all your web hosting requirements. However, the zero cost of this control panel can be an irresistible offer for intermediate web developers looking to shave some costs on their hosting.

Benefits of CyberPanel Free

CyberPanel Free does not cost a single cent! Are there any better advantages that can be offered than this?

Firstly, there is free SSL. SSL ensures that data that sent between server and user is done securely, preventing criminals from snooping around sensitive data. More importantly, it ensures that the ‘Not Secure’ notification does not show up in the address bar for certain web browsers. This gives your users a peace of mind when browsing your website.

Most importantly, CyberPanel Free can improve the performance of your website, compared to Apache or Nginx Web Servers. As a web-hosting company with more than 15 years of experience, we understand that speed is one of the most crucial elements in the business, after all who like a slow loading webpage. Fret not, for CyberPanel Free supports OpenLiteSpeed!

OpenLiteSpeed is the open-source edition of the legendary LiteSpeed Web Server Enterprise that powers our WordPress Hosting Servers. The speed performance can be seen in the benchmark data performed by the OpenLiteSpeed team in the link below.

Benchmark for Goodness of OpenLiteSpeed

What’s not to love with all these features? Did we mention that CyberPanel is Free?

Drawbacks of CyberPanel Free

So, there must be a catch, right? Afterall, according to the Japanese, ただより高いものはない, which translates to “There is nothing more expensive than what is free”.

The support available for CyberPanel Free is community driven. This means when you encounter an error, you are expected to browse the forums to get help from reading articles as well as engaging other skilled developers to fix the issue. Being an open-source project is quite a double-edged sword, on one hand it is free, on another it requires high level of independence for the user to solve any errors.

Time to decide!

Summary / Conclusion

Cyberpanel is an alternative control panel, which is cost-effective for server owners, at the same time offers services equivalent to other well-known control panel.

Choose from one of our Cloud SSD VPS – Linux plans to start hosting your Cyberpanel control panel today!

If this too complicated for you, fret not for we have other control panels such as cPanel which is fully supported by our friendly technical team who have cPanel certification to assist you with your cPanel support requests.

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