SpamExperts: Powerful Spam Filtering Solution

SpamExperts: Real-time spam filtering solution with 99.98% accuracy

Email communication is critical in today’s business world and protection from threats like viruses, spam, phishing, denial-of-service attacks is essential to prevent disruption of email services.
Spammers are constantly uncovering new methods to outplay email filters, making conventional rule-based filters becoming less effective.
Dealing with spam mails should be the last concerns of email users; here comes the need for SpamExperts.

What is SpamExperts?

SpamExperts is an enterprise-grade spam filtering solution that scans and filters incoming email from spam, viruses, phishing and other email-related threats with 99.98% accuracy.
The right spam filtering solution helps to keep spam and viruses out of users’ mailbox automatically, at the same time increases their productivity as they do not have to deal with junk contents.
This helps to prevent email users from clicking or opening harmful attachments or fall to phishing attacks.

How SpamExperts Works?

SpamExperts acts as a gateway solution that performs first-level incoming filtering before delivering the mails to the recipients’ mail server.
Emails will be classified as spam and non-spams; email with highly suspicious contents or attachments will be categorized as spam and gets quarantined, wheras non-spam mails will be delivered to recipients’ mailbox.
Mail administrators will be provided with an access that allows them to inspect, train and release quarantined mails from the filter.

Why Change to SpamExperts?

Rule-based spam filters has been the go-to choice, but it is challenging to keep up the ruleset up-to-date. Highly inaccurate and a lot of false positives; just to name a few issues with conventional spam filters. Now is the time to change to SpamExperts!

  • Self-learning Technology
    The self-learning technology introduced by SpamExperts provides continuously updated spam and malware protection, hence email users are protected against the latest spam trend.
  • Easy to Use
    SpamExperts automatically adapt to new spamming techniques and learn users’ preference based on what is marked as spam and not, therefore email users do no need to maintain or manage the software manually.
  • Improved Productivity
    All spam mails will be quarantined and only legit mails will be delivered to the users mailbox; this helps them to stay focus on what is more important, that is ensuring the business is running.
  • Increased Email Continuity
    In case the users mail server is unreachable, SpamExperts will accept emails and keep them in queue. The mails will be automatically re-delivered once the users’ service is reachable.
  • User-level Control
    Mail admins will have full-access on the spam filtering, making it easier to manage and tweak the spam setting for the organization. Multi-level user control is also available, mail admins may create and provide the access to individual email users too.

Being a commercial spam filter, the only drawback is that SpamExperts is a paid service. But the benefits greatly outweigh the drawback, so why not give it a try?

Summary / Conclusion

Keeping mailbox and network safe is a priority, and it is impossible to rely on conventional spam filtering mechanism alone. Thanks to SpamExperts’ intelligent technology, email users now have the opportunity to enhance their mailbox security.
Yeahhost Malaysia offers SpamExperts – Incoming Filtering solution for our customers at a reasonable price; it is available as addon service that acts as first-level filtering before delivering the mails to their mailbox.
Give it a try to feel the difference between conventional and commercial spam filter!

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