CentOS has Reached its End-of-Life Support

This article is intended for administrators of CentOS servers with the cPanel control panel

As of 30th June 2024, Linux CentOS operating system has officially reached its end-of-life (EOL) support.

What is End-of-Life support?

Servers running CentOS will remain active after the EOL support; however, any security vulnerabilities that surface thereafter will no longer be patched by the CentOS team, resulting in increased vulnerability to threats

Will cPanel provide extended support for CentOS, and what are the additional fee?

Important notice!

After 30th June 2024, servers running CentOS with cPanel will automatically have Extended Life Support (ELS) enabled by cPanel to patch any security vulnerabilities. However, an additional ELS support fee by cPanel will be added on top of your current cPanel licensing fee beginning 1st August 2024. We will do our best to inform you of the exact amount as soon as cPanel announces it.

The ELS is compulsory set by cPanel not just as a matter of maintaining security standards but also of ensuring compatibility with future cPanel updates and features. As cPanel continues to evolve, its functionality and performance will be optimized for newer operating systems such as AlmaLinux 8.

ELS gives you time to evaluate and plan your upgrade. However, do take note that ELS by cPanel will only cover until 1st January 2026.

What is the recommendation for servers using CentOS with cPanel?

cPanel has recommended upgrading to the AlmaLinux 8 operating system, which is a community-driven successor to CentOS that promises binary compatibility with Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL).

Servers that have been upgraded from CentOS will not be required to pay for the ELS fee mentioned above.

What factors to evaluate before deciding to upgrade to AlmaLinux 8 + cPanel?

You need to ensure that you web application supports the following major components in order for them to work properly after upgrading from CentOS to AlmaLinux 8.

AlmaLinux 8 + cPanel supports the following components.

✔️ PHP version 7.2 and above.
✔️ MySQL version 8.0

The following components in CentOS + cPanel will no longer work in Almalinux 8 + cPanel:

❌ PHP version 7.1, 7.0 5.6 and below.
❌ MySQL 5.7

For Yeahhost server customers: How to upgrade to AlmaLinux 8 with cPanel?

Self-Managed Servers

For CentOS servers with cPanel that our customers self-managed, you can follow cPanel’s tutorial to upgrade to AlmaLinux 8.


Management Plan Servers

For servers under our management plan, we will assist you to upgrade your server from CentOS servers to AlmaLinux 8. Servers with more than 5 cPanel accounts, even though under our server management plan, will incur a reasonable service charge for us to perform the upgrade.

1. Ensure that your web application’s PHP and MySQL requirements.
2. Backup your server data prior to the upgrade.
3. Arrange a migration schedule with our technical team.
4. Perform a check on your website after the upgrade.

You may contact our Technical Support team to arrange for the upgrade at


Summary / Conclusion

The sooner the better for you to begin your evaluation and plan your operating system upgrade.

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